Renold Crofts Gears
Crofts Gears offers a comprehensive selection of locally manufactured and imported high quality couplings, consisting of a range of rigid and torsionally flexible industrial couplings, Hi-Tec rubber-in-compression torsion flexible couplings, fluid couplings, sprag clutches and Ajax spindles. Due to the flexibility of local manufacture, our couplings can be customised to meet customer requirements.


Industrial Rigid and Flexible couplings:

We offer a comprehensive range of standard and customised shaft couplings including pin and buffer, grid spring, spider, disc, chain, and single and double engagement gear types.
Renold Crofts Gears

Rubber-in-compression couplings:

Locally manufactured, top-end, heavy-duty industrial couplings providing exceptional protection against severe shock load and vibration, with a maximum torque of 6000kNm.

Renold Crofts Gears

Fluid couplings:

Hydraulic soft-start couplings available with standard or delayed chambers, in various sizes and configurations up to 700kW (950HP) capacity.

Renold Crofts Gears

Ajax spindles:

We supply Renold Ajax manufactured gear spindles that provide excellent quality solutions for steel and metal rolling mills.

Renold Crofts Gears

Sprags clutches and brakes:

Our comprehensive range of sprag clutches and brakes can be used in numerous applications such as backstopping, overrunning protection, and indexing.

Renold Crofts Gears