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Cutting-edge Mechanical
Power Transmission design


As part of our commitment at Crofts Gears to design and manufacture a reliable product range for a wide diversity of industries, we have reignited our vision to provide innovative and cutting-edge Mechanical Power Transmission design, by utilising the latest available materials and manufacturing processes to better deliver fit-for-purpose products. With more than 60 years of local experience in power transmissions, Crofts Gears not only supports and continues to build the trusted work horses that are found throughout the industry, but has also utilised learnings and advancements in technology to develop and locally build what can only be described as “Best in Class” gear units.

Unlike mass producing manufacturers who generally design products around reducing cost and easy manufacture, our units are built in smaller numbers with pride and passion for quality and best-in-class technology. Our agile and local manufacturing process allows us to include certain features and materials that enhance the technology of our units above those of competitors. Our units are designed for endurance and easy maintenance – all requisites for today’s demanding environments.

Each gear unit is freely customisable to be used as drop-in replacements, reducing the need to make extensive changes to plant infrastructure and is available in many configurations, ratios, and sizes. The reversible designs allow flexibility for single spare units to be used across many installations. Split casings and large inspection plates are just some of the features incorporated for simpler and lower maintenance costs benefits. Our designs incorporate the use of special steels and hardening processes, state-of-the-art gear tooth geometry, oil directional baffle plates and traps, cooling and stabiliser fins, and many more features that equip the unit with excellent rigidity, low running temperatures, and low vibration and noise.