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Crofts Gears’ renowned gear range is designed and manufactured in South Africa to Croft’s high Quality Assurance System. We design and manufacture our gear units for longevity and longstanding serviceability.
Gear units are available in various standard and bespoke configurations covering wide ranges of industries. Typical applications include conveyor and mill drives, cooling towers, agitators and mixers, screw feeders, and cranes.
Renold Crofts Gears


Additionally, our engineering and manufacturing supports Packaged Drives (complete power transmission solutions) as well as Replacement Units (replicating dimensions and specifications to enable a new gear unit to be fitted in the existing position without modification).

Crofts also supplies and supports Renold gear units. Authorised Distributor of


Bevel / Helical Gears Series:

Recently upgraded design using latest materials and innovative engineering. Heavy-duty helical units made up of hardened and ground gears throughout, built for longevity.
Renold Crofts Gears


We offer a comprehensive range of standard geared motor units. Available as “Motorised”, “Motor Ready” or “Reducer” types in various standard configurations.

Renold Crofts Gears


A “Champion Crofts Gears product.” Crofts Gears is renowned for our worm gear range. Worm gear units are extremely versatile and used in abundance across a large variety of applications.

Renold Crofts Gears

Capstan Winch:

A simple, versatile, and economical alternative to fixed winches. Our low maintenance, dependable solution for moving railcars in mines, dockyards, timber yards, factories, and foundries.

Renold Crofts Gears

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